Media Committee

A four member College Media committee, with The Principal as the Patron and Dr. Tanu Mittal as the convener, was set up on 13 July 2022 with the objective of disseminating the needful information among the Students and the Parents in particular and the Society in general about various courses, scholarships, career counseling, programmes, competitions, seminars, workshops, etc. held by various departments and clubs of the college and various other institutions.

Recognizing the significance and scope of Social Media in quick circulation of information and in providing Networking opportunity to work together on common areas of interest, the committee was expanded to six members on October 01, 2023.

Social Media provides a quick feedback mechanism along with a platform for grievance redressal. It is an effectual medium for measuring and modeling public opinion. It provides inputs to The Higher Education Directorate and other related policy makers for informed and prudent decision making regarding assessment, allocation, appraisal guidance and other areas.

Media committee doubles as an archivist of the activities held in the College.

Members –

  • Dr. Richa Jain (Convener since 24.01.23)
  • Dr. Mukesh Rawat
  • Dr. Somesh Dhoundiyal
  • Dr. Sunita Gussain
  • Dr. Heera S. Dungriyal