First Aid Facilities

Dr. P.D.B. Himalayan Govt. P.G. College Kotdwar provides students with the first aid training and also helps in to reduction of the risk and empowers them with the ability to access and manage the situation in the event of a medical emergency. First Aid and Health Checking facility is made active in the college premises. The college supervises the first aid and health check up part with ample responsibilities. This is to ensure that the college First Aid Team can provide the check up quite competently.


First aid treatment involves emergency treatment and support to preserve life through the following objectives:

  • To clear and maintain the open airways
  • To restore the breathing obstacle or circulation in the blood
  • To monitor the wellbeing until the person recovers or transferred into the care of ambulance and then to the hospital
  • To protect a person, particularly if they are unconscious
  • To prevent a worsening condition altogether
  • To promote recovery
College is required to administer the first aid to a student or any staff if an injury, sudden illness or medical emergency occurs at the campus school or during any activity.